The Cutter Has Arrived!

I’ve finally purchased a paper stack cutter. The model is Challenge 265, and it is a beauty. I feel like I’m on a first date. I’m trying not to do the happy dance until it’s safely in it’s new home, sharpened and ready.



The cutter has arrived! I’m so pleased with it. It’s in great condition. I’m having a guy come and show me how to remove the blade safely and maintain it properly. Any suggestions on a name for it?

2 thoughts on “The Cutter Has Arrived!

  1. I have also purchased a cutter that is very similar to yours, I cannot confirm only because I cant see a model number on mine. Do you know what model number I should be searching for if I was to buy a replacement blade? Can you share how to properly remove and maintain the blade with me? Thanks!

  2. If you’re local to Los Angeles, I think you can purchase replacement blades from LA Grinding.
    As for maintaining, I had a professional show me how to remove the blade. He then lubricated all moving parts with turbine oil. I think you can substitute with machine oil…. I can email you photos directly of the oil I use.

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