To Be Repaired

Since I’m taking the repair course in San Francisco, I have to bring some books to practice on. I found two suitable books at The Helping Hand Thrift Shop on Fairfax.

One book has this amazing debossing on the front cover. It’s truly beautiful and I’m trying to figure a way to save it.

The leather has these interesting red splotches.

I thought it was paper at first.

I can’t tell if the end pages are so faded the decoration is almost invisible, or if the floral shadows are acid migration from covering the original papers.

The title page is in Hebrew, which I (unfortunately) can’t read. If anyone out there can, I’d really appreciate knowing what this wonderful book is.

It seems to have been repaired before. There’s minor repairs to the pages and what looks like a replacement spine.

The sewing is still mostly sturdy, so I’m confident I can move the block out of the covers. The paper is pretty fragile, so I’m hoping San Francisco can introduce me to someone who has washed pages before. It’s not part of the class, I just hope someone there will have experience and give me some insight.

The other book is also in Hebrew and has definitely been repaired before. There is sewing directly through the block. I’m pretty sure it was originally folded pages. I’m going to remove the sewing and see if I can repair the paper enough to fold again.

The covers are plain black which I think I’ll replace altogether.

I’m excited to get started on this project! More photos as these two are nursed back to health.



3 thoughts on “To Be Repaired

    1. Ah ha! Thank you! I’ve been dragging my feet repairing these particular books since their numbering is in Hebrew. I’m afraid I may sew the signatures out of order, or case in incorrectly. Do you know of any community Hebrew organizations that would be willing to check my work?

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