Double Board Split Experiment with Leather

I’m trying an experiment with doubling up the cover boards to get a split board effect, without actually splitting a single board.

Tan Leather Quarter Binding Rust Red Leather Binding

The pages are sewn single cord style on four pieces of rough twine. I’m experimenting with tight back vs. hollow back on this structure. For the tan leather I made a hollow back by virtue of not adhering the leather to the spine. I’m skeptical this is a good idea, since when opened the leather tends to flex oddly.

Tan Leather Quarter Binding Tan Leather Quarter Binding

I’m not sure how this will age, or whether it’s putting undue pressure on the leather. The tight back is behaving oddly as well….

Rust Red Leather Tight Back Binding with Double Cover BoardsRust Red Leather Binding

I’m not sure if this is a big problem, or if this is just the natural lay of cheap leather and my uneven paring. Hmm..

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