Extra Life Gaming Marathon UPDATED!

For the last two years, I’ve supported my fiance during the Extra Life Gaming Marathon by binding books during his marathon gaming run. He plays video games for 24 hours, while I bind books with him during the 24 hour span. The books I bind are given away to donors and watchers of his live stream. This year I’m planning on binding again, hopefully making some envelope books to give away. The envelope books will be business card size (envelopes 2.5 x 3.75″). I’ll make as many envelopes and envelope books as I can!

Envelope Book

The finished envelope books will be sent out tomorrow, November 19th!Finished Extra Life Envelope Books

Here’s some shots of the build up process:

Scoring the paper and punching out, to hand make the envelopes

Extra Life Envelope Books Extra Life Envelope Books

Folding and completing the envelops

Extra Life Envelope Books Each one had it’s own card

Extra Life Envelope Books

Sewing up the envelopes to make the blocks

Extra Life Envelope Books Extra Life Envelope Books Extra Life Envelope Books

Hot stamping the end pages with my fancy logo

Extra Life Envelope Books

Testing out a mock cover. Each donor could choose their own color.

Extra Life Envelope BooksExtra Life Envelope Books

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